DIVERSITY in the Video Game industry – VFX LIFESTYLE – Guest: Osama Dorias

In this Episode of VFX LIFESTYLE, Osama Dorias, Senior Game Designer at Warner Brother Games WB Games Montréal and Co-founder of Montreal Independent Game Awards, shares his thoughts about the DIVERSITY in the Video Game industry. It’s refreshing, positive and hopeful. Full interview available soon on vfx-lifestyle.com Let’s start conversations on FB: @vfxlifestyle IG: @vfx_lifestyle […]

MIGS 18 is starting NOW!

#MIGS18 is starting today! We can not wait to meet and connect with #incredible #talents and businesses. And  of course I mean here, people ready to challenge the #statusquo putting #people at the center. . Meanwhile, enjoy a little throwback with the official recap video that  #VFXDADDY and VFX LIFESTYLE  has been commissioned to create […]

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VFX LIFESTYLE is media partner of effects MTL 18

It is our pleasure to announce that VFX LIFESTYLE is the proud partner of effects MTL. If you are interested in vfx and animation, this is an event you do NOT want to miss out. EFFECTS MTL is the largest international conference on the north American east-coast for the visual effects and animation industries. http://www.effectsmtl.com/ ============================================= […]